Value Added Department

Custom Assemblies

Our Value-Added Department partially or completely assembles components from a bill of customer-approved materials into sub-assemblies (kits). This allows you to order one item, tested and ready to install, under one purchase order. Testing of components electrically and pneumatically ensures trouble free installation and time savings for you. Let us assemble so you can focus on your core competencies to grow your business. Simplify your receiving with one PO and JIT delivery. Our team delivers value-added solutions to fit your needs. Our solutions come with application engineering assistance, start-up support, and programming assistance for you.

Crossover Existing Components:

Do you have a product on a existing piece of equipment that is:

  • Discontinued
  • Difficult to source
  • Costly
  • Has a high failure rate
  • Has a long lead time

From time to time when crossing over components, the footprint is not identical and/or minor modifications to the machine/application might need to be made. If an application requires a modification that cannot be made We can source the identical copy as well.


Reverse Engineering:

We work with manufacturers that can optimize a part you currently use, then replicate and even improve upon it for your future needs. This can be a benefit of those unfortunate times when products you use suddenly become discontinued. Perhaps even challenging to source. Maybe increasing costs (purchasing, inventory, and freight) long lead times, or product performance limit your ability to meet cost and time line objectives.

You can have your solution optimized for your product/application.

These issues can be solved with reverse engineering.


More Value Added Department Examples 

Custom Assemblies, Crossover Components and Reverse Engineered Projects


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