Panasonic is a leader in high-technology and cost-effective automation control solutions. Our products are proven throughout the world in many industrial settings: automotive, semiconductor, packaging, OEMs, and more.

Our highly reputable Sunx specializes in industrial sensing and measurement and laser marking solutions. The Panasonic brand covers your automation needs, including: PLCs, HMIs, Servos and Machine vision products.

PLC Programmable Logic Controls

Versatile PLCs offer the power, speed, and flexibility you need. The FP0 and FP2 series are some of the smallest programmable logic controllers on the market.

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HMI Operator Interfaces

Panasonic HMIs are amongst the brightest, sharpest, and most flexible operator panels in the industry. Building custom interfaces has never been so easy or rewarding. Utilizing built-in tools like the time saving 3D parts libraries in the GT21C or GT32 will allow you to setup your operator panels quickly and painlessly. From simple LED displays to 12.1″ 32,768 color touch screens, Panasonic has your HMI needs covered.

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Servos & Drives

Panasonic servos and drives have routinely offered the best in motion control. The A4 series servo sports ultra-fast frequency times and new vibration control features while our ultra-compact E series servo/driver has slimmed in size by 47%!

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