Teledyne DALSA has led the evolution of digital imaging for over a quarter century and has earned its reputation as a global leader in high performance imaging and semiconductors. Teledyne DALSA, its employees and partners are committed to enabling industry and exploration through innovative technology.

Smart Camera

    BOA Vision System: Smart, Small, and Flexible

    New BOA Pro Model! BOA is a highly integrated optical inspection tool for controlling quality and increasing productivity. It comprises all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in a tiny smart camera style package:

    • Sensor
    • Light Control
    • Processing engine
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • Factory communications
    • Developer and Operator application interfaces
    • Protective enclosure

    Easy to use and inexpensive, Teledyne DALSA's new BOA leverages the full breadth and depth of Teledyne DALSA's design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise including sensor, camera, image-processing and vision software development to deliver the next generation in smart camera technology. BOA offers scalable vision solutions to satisfy a wide range of application needs from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verifications. Designed and ruggedized for harsh environment factory floor deployment, BOA is a truly exceptional all-in-one intelligent vision system.

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    BOA IDR: Identification, Validation, and Verification

    Based on the highly flexible and award-winning original BOA camera, the BOA IDR is a complete vision system in a tiny smart camera package. Complete with embedded software and processing, it offers a core suite of tools and capabilities to automatically identify, validate and verify markings or features on parts, products or assemblies.

    Based on the advanced BOA smart camera platform, BOA IDR allows manufacturers to combine 1D and 2D tracking with other inspection tasks, such as character reading (OCR) and feature verification, to ensure all product markings are correct when they leave the factory floor.

    Our highly integrated solution provides defect detection and reject tracking for high speed applications in Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Packaging and Pharmaceutical industries.


    • Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417. Square or rectangular size formats, Grading supported to AIM DPM, ISO 16022 and ISO 15415
    • UPCa, UPCe, EAN8, EAN13, Code39, Code93, Code128, Codabar, BC412, ITF, Postnet, Planet, Pharmacode, RSS, GS1
    • Trainable binary and grayscale OCR, dark or bright characters, fielding, multi-line, easy train, min/max char size and score
    • Area or Edge based recognition, reports score, location and rotation, finds features for verification or alignment

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    BOA Pro: Sherlock Adds Power and Flexibility

    BOA Pro combines the robustness of our highly integrated BOA smart camera with the power and flexibility of our advanced Sherlock™ inspection software. The result is a compact industrial vision solution with diverse applicability across all manufacturing segments.

    Sherlock's extensive library of instructions, preprocessors and advanced algorithms can be combined in a variety of ways to solve simple or very demanding tasks. Maximum design flexibility is provided to allow users to customize algorithms, construct scripts and develop operator interfaces.

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Vision Appliances

    Vision Appliances: Multi Camera Vision Systems

    Teledyne DALSA's Vision Appliances are multi camera embedded machine vision solutions that have been designed to satisfy your current and future inspection needs. They provide the ease-of-use, performance and flexibility required to meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications, while accommodating the needs and experience of end users.


    VA15 | VA3x | VA4x | VA5x | VA61 | DCI-100 | GEVA-1000 | GEVA-300

Vision Software

    Designed specifically for factory floor deployment, our innovative vision systems offer scalable solutions that satisfy a wide range of application needs, from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verification.

    iNspect Vision System Software

    iNspect is a breakthrough machine vision inspection tool designed for a broad range of applications, from precision metrology to pharmaceutical packaging. Wrapped within an easy user interface, iNspect provides a suite of tools that can be readily applied to a multitude of inspection tasks, such as positioning, measuring, identification, verification and flaw detection. iNspect's straightforward 5-step setup allows users to quickly configure and deploy an application. Each of the inspection tools have been carefully designed to extract the relevant information from the object image. No programming or extensive training is required! Included with the iNspect software is iLabel, an application designed specifically for the packaging industry that is used to verify the placement and quality of labels on packaged goods.

    Sherlock Vision System Software

    Sherlock is an advanced machine vision software interface that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications. It offers maximum design flexibility and provides a rich suite of proven tools and capabilities that have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide. With a keen eye for detail, our inspector will help you:

    • Improve customer satisfaction by detecting defects early in the manufacturing cycle
    • Increase productivity through automated 24/7 operation
    • Reduce production costs by improving yield and redeploying skilled inspectors to other priority tasks