Setting the standard for performance, the MELSERVO-J5 Series offers cutting-edge technology, industry-leading performance, and advanced servo features, allowing users to unlock unused potential in current machines and factories.


J5 Servo Features

Industry Leading Performance

MELSERVO-J5 Series performance is improved across the board with industry-leading 3.5kHz speed frequency response rate, 256 synchronized axes with the MELSERVO-J5 motion module, and 32.5µs communication cycle time, to improve throughput and machine performance.

Quick Tuning

The MELSERVO-J5 Series, through the amplifier, tunes itself in approximately 0.3 seconds. The machine is able to run instantly and smoothly once the servo is enabled. Tuning experience is not required because gain values are automatically generated.

Advanced Vibration Suppression

The MELSERVO-J5 Series is able to effectively suppress vibration on both the load and the machine base at frequencies as low as 100 Hz.

CC-Link IE TSN Compatability

In addition to compatibility with common industrial networks like EtherCAT, the MELSERVO-J5 Series is compatible with CC-Link IE TSN, a 1 Gbps time-sensitive network that enables time synchronization across all connected devices.

Predictive Maintenance

The MELSERVO-J5 Series provides predictive maintenance powered by Mitsubishi Electric’s Maisart AI technology, allowing it to detect mechanical component deterioration. This technology exists within the servo and does not come from any external controls.

Single Cable

Encoder, power, and electromagnetic brake cables are combined into a single cable for MELSERVO-J5 Series motors, reducing assembly time. The one-touch lock connector eliminates the need for tightening screws, making wiring easy.

26-bit Battery-less Absolute Encoder

This standard feature can achieve about 64 million pulses per revolution, allowing for precision positioning with no replacement of batteries required.

All of these features are included within the base model at no extra charge to unlock the functions. Mitsubishi Electric consistently designs products to maximize machine performance and reduce the total cost of ownership for its customers.


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