Enidine Industrial Products offer the widest range of standard and custom energy absorption, vibration isolation and noise attenuation solutions available today. Products ranging from large bore industrial shock absorbers to miniature industrial shock absorbers, adjustable and non-adjustable industrial shock absorbers, rate controls, wire rope isolators, and air springs (air shock absorbers) showcase a variety of market focused designs for P.E.T. Manufacturing, Plastic Bottle Making, Blow Molding, Automotive Manufacturing, Assembly Line Conveyors, Pick & Place Robotics, and Material Handling and overhead crane applications.

Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Enidine Adjustable Hydraulic Series shock absorbers offer the most flexible solutions to energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning an adjustment knob, the damping force can be changed to accommodate a wide range of conditions.

Our adjustable shock absorbers have applications in factory automation, robotics, metalworking processes, medical devices and a variety of high-tech manufacturing contexts. Click any of the links above for product overviews, technical specifications, CAD files and shock absorber sizing resources.

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Non-Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Enidine's non-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers can accommodate varying energy conditions. This family of tamperproof shock absorbers provides consistent performance, cycle after cycle. Non-adjustable models are designed to absorb maximum energy within a compact envelope size.

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Air Springs and Air Shock Absorbers

ITT Enidine Inc. Air Springs are highly durable, precisely engineered and cost-effective for use in a wide variety of actuation and vibration isolation applications. With time-tested designs incorporating fabric-reinforced Wingprene™ or natural rubber flex-member construction and corrosion-protected end retainers, ITT Enidine Air Springs provide superior quality and performance. As actuators, Enidine Air Springs can provide either linear or angular motion.

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Heavy Duty Shocks

Enidine's HD Series of heavy duty shock absorbers protect equipment from large impacts in applications such as automated storage and retrieval systems as well as overhead bridge and trolley cranes. They are available in a wide variety of stroke lengths and damping characteristics to increase equipment life and meet stringent deceleration requirements.

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The HI Series is alarge-bore, high-capacity buffers are individually designed to decelerate moving loads under various conditions and in compliance with industry mandated safety standards. Control of bridge cranes, trolley platforms, overhead cranes, large container transfer and transportation safety stops are typical applications. Industry-proven design technologies, coupled with the experience of a globally installed product base, ensure deliverable performance that exceeds customer expectations.

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The design of Jarret Series Industrial Shock Absorber utilizes the unique compression and shear characteristics of specially formulated silicone elastomers.

These characteristics allow the energy absorption and return spring functions to be combined into a single unit without the need for an additional gas or mechanical spring stroke return mechanism.

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Rotary Viscous Dampers

Rotary Viscous Dampers provide smooth control in applications that require continuous or intermittent positioning, forward, reverse and fixed path motion. The RVD design combines low breakout friction with viscous damping to control bi-directional rotary motion in numerous applications.

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Wire Rope Isolators

ITT Enidine Inc.'s Wire Rope Isolators are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable, threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for effective vibration isolation. With their corrosion resistant, all-metal construction, ITT Enidine Inc. Wire Rope Isolators are environmentally stable, high-performance shock and vibration isolators that are unaffected by temperature extremes, chemicals, oils, ozone and abrasives.

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